2018 Two Time Award Winning Author!

Winner of the National Indie Excellence Award in General Health category!

Silver Medalist in Independent Publisher Book Awards in E-Book Adult Non-Fiction Informational category!


Hospitals  and healthcare clinics are confusing places, especially for those with little experience of the medical system. Healthcare providers and patients both have expectations of how the other should act and what they should know - expectations often at odds with reality.

The Practical Patient offers a comprehensive guide to the often-strange terms and requirements of the healthcare system. You'll learn

  • How to find a primary healthcare provider

  • How to understand health insurance

  • When to go to a health clinic, urgent care, or emergency room

  • What to do and ask during medical appointments

  • Important facts about medication, health screenings, and vaccines

  • Your rights as a patient

  • And Much More!

Begin investing in your health today! 


The Practical Patient Blog

Not only is it important for you to be aware of your healthy options, but also to understand why these options work for you! Learn More about how your body communicates with you! 

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